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Her first, to a British civilian, fell apart because her advancing training in the CIA alienated him.

Life Undercover: Coming of Age in the CIA

Her second marriage was to a fellow CIA agent. The CIA deployed both of them to Shanghai and subjected them to the strain of living a lie and being under constant surveillance. In her memoir, Fox never faults her ex-husband, acknowledging how he both yearned for and was haunted by his previous intelligence work in Afghanistan.

The Chinese spied on the couple, including installing a live-in housekeeper who was an informant.

Fox, now 38, left the C. She and Zoe, 11, live in Los Angeles with Ms. Fox met Mr. She has been thinking a lot about the Hollywood portrayal of her former profession now that Apple is developing a TV series based on the book that will star Brie Larson.

BOOK REVIEW: Undercover by Danielle Steel

Fox is an executive producer on the series and has mostly served as a sounding board for Ms. In an email, Ms. Larson called Ms.

https://ebesalinmas.ga Fox tells sources. She checks the balance on the cards each day at different cybercafes.

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Need an alternative to sending emails? But she also tried to counter the cat-and-mouse depictions of C. In real life, her cover would be blown by a single chase.

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Fox tries to negotiate with the leader of a Qaeda terrorist cell planning an attack in Pakistan as his infant daughter wheezes in the background. However, I am still waiting for Steel to learn to write, as opposed to being able to come up with stories.

Undercover In Tibet (Full Documentary) - Real Stories

Surely she should realise by now that her writing is extremely stilted in any and every novel that she writes? Surely this has been critiqued time after time after time? Wouldn't you think there would be a ghost writer who could make the copy flow more like every other published author? Then again, if we keep buying them, probably not!