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Stand out. Impress your audience. Quickly create stylish project visuals that showcase your work to clients and managers. Improve project planning and communication with clear, convincing timelines that are easy to follow, but hard to forget. Make timelines directly in PowerPoint with the Office Timeline add-in. Make beautiful PowerPoint timelines online.

Simply and quickly. The timeline creators most popular with professionals.

I managed a particularly challenging project and needed to create nice graphical timelines for exec reviews. The Office Timeline add-in provided me with a tool that quickly created impressive PowerPoint timelines in an easy-to-understand visual. It allowed me to effectively present high-level timelines to executives who did not need to see, or want to see, all the minutia and complexity of my project. Chronology of the French Presidential Race. Historic Fall at University of Missouri. North Korea's Nuclear Ambitions. Bulger on Trial.

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Aurora, Colorado Movie Theater Shooting. A History of Wine Around the World. The Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight Revolutionary User Interfaces. A Brief History of the Banana Business. The Republican Run-Up. Whitney Houston: Make a Timeline TimelineJS works on any site or blog. Create your spreadsheet. When asked, "Are you sure…? Now, copy the URL that appears in the center of the window.

You'll use this in the next step. Google Spreadsheet URL. Optional settings show hide Set language, fonts, starting slide and more. Map Type Currently all Google's base maps are supported. Default start slide Slide. Initial zoom level Zoom Level. Start at the end Begins the timeline on the last slide. Show nav on top Switches the vertical order of the timeline navigation and the media. Debug In debug mode, the JavaScript console will display logging messages. Use hash bookmarks Assigns a hash bookmark to each slide's URL, allowing deep linking to slides.

For directly linked Timelines only -- does not work for iframe embeds. Share Link Use this to link directly to your timeline. Preview Embed. Help Need help?

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Frequently asked questions How do I edit my timeline? Once you've created a timeline, you can make changes by going back to your Google spreadsheet. Changes you make to the spreadsheet are automatically available to your Timeline—you don't need to repeat the 'publish to the web' step step 2.

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If you want to make changes to the optional settings, you will need to update your embed code, but if you are only changing content in the spreadsheet, then there's nothing else to do. Our primary development and testing browser is Google Chrome.

  • Doloroso pasado (Bianca) (Spanish Edition).
  • Wonderfully Made: A Memoir Of Unexpected Joy?
  • Mémoires dun fou: Flaubert avant Flaubert, et déjà Flaubert (Nos Classiques) (French Edition).

We adhere closely to web standards, so we believe that TimelineJS should work effectively in all modern web browsers. First, make sure you know everything you can do in the spreadsheet configuration, like background colors and images. Also, check out the optional settings part of 'step 3' of the authoring tool. You can change the fonts, the position of the timeline navigation, and the initial zoom level.

If you still want to do more, there are some configuration options available. Most of those are for fine tuning, but some of them may be helpful. Use the web app to create Gantt charts online that can be easily shared or downloaded. Team collaboration is simple and secure with Office Timeline Online. Create a view-only link to your timeline or invite colleagues to collaborate so they can see your plan and update or share it further.

Office Timeline Online is the only cloud-based timeline maker that creates real PowerPoint slides. Get the best of both worlds with our online timeline and Gantt chart maker. Manage your data in Excel as you usually do. Instantly generate your timeline, style it, and share it.

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Office Timeline Online visuals can be downloaded as native PowerPoint slides, which means you can edit them just as you would any other slide. Use all the PowerPoint controls you are already familiar with and share or present your timeline as usual. Plan and collaborate easily with our free online timeline maker. Online timeline maker app. PowerPoint compatible. Prefer to make timelines inside PowerPoint?