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Symptoms of initial onset may include nausea, shortness of breath, pain in the head, jaw, arms or chest, numbness in fingers, often of a novel but imprecise sensation which builds with irregular heart beat. Early symptoms may be mistaken for food poisoning, flu or general malaise until they intensify.

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A widow maker cannot kill instantly but induces cardiac arrest which may do so within 10 to 20 minutes of no circulation. A victim with no pulse or breath is still alive, living off oxygen stored in the blood and may be able to be rescued if treatment is begun promptly within this window.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Left anterior descending artery Sternocostal surface of heart.

Left anterior descending artery stenosis: the widow maker revisited. - PubMed - NCBI

Anterior descending branch labeled at upper right. Further information: Wellens' sign. Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine. Retrieved 6 November The most worrisome type is the proximal left anterior descending LAD MI, often referred to as the widow-maker infarction, which carries a high mortality and is attributed to an occlusion of the LAD before or at the first septal perforator.

Cengage Learning. The LAD is frequently implicated in sudden cardiac death, predominantly in adult males. Clinicians often refer to the LAD as the widow maker because obstruction here predisposes to a high incidence of sudden death. Aehlert; Robert Vroman Paramedic Practice Today: Above and Beyond 1st ed.

Retrieved 2 March Bardo 1 January Cardiac Imaging. Archived from the original on June 24, Retrieved June 13, AOL Health. Retrieved June 22, Arteries of the torso and chest. Pulmonary artery Right Left Ligamentum arteriosum.

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This trail is mostly single track and has some very steep and technical sections. Although this trail is beautiful most of you will want to quit after just one loop.

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If running from Sunrise to Sunset scares you then you can choose the 5k option. The 5k will begin at 8 am and runs by an old whisky still. There is plenty of parking at the park.

This is not included in the race fee. There are both cabins and camping available if you want to stay in the park. Please visit their website for details. Awards will be given to the top male and female in both the Sunrise to Sunset and 5k options. Top male and female will receive a whisky jug.

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All runners in the ultra marathon will receive a unique shot glass. Top 3 in each age group for the 5k will receive a unique mason jar. All runners will receive a race t-shirt.

What Is a Widow Maker Heart Attack?

You must sign up by March 8 to be guaranteed a t-shirt. Food, water, and electrolytes. Website Calendar. Social Facebook.

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This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 30, See the event. Race Info Revolution Running is excited to announce a new trail race on the Southside! Whisky Still 5k If running from Sunrise to Sunset scares you then you can choose the 5k option.