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Home Finance Taxes When does French inheritance law and tax apply to your assets? Last update on October 31, Once you become an official resident , retire in France , or buy French property , you will need to consider if French inheritance law and French inheritance tax apply to your assets. In some cases, foreigners and non-residents can choose the law of their country of nationality to apply, although there can still be some restrictions on how you can divide France-based assets under French succession law.

As French inheritance laws are markedly different to the legal norm in most English-speaking countries, some expats are left unprepared when they disappear, as the French say. This guide explains the rules of French inheritance law and whether inheritance tax in France applies, plus details whether you should make a French will and information on how to prepare one.

Find out more on French inheritance laws, taxes and wills: Inheritance law in France French inheritance law restrictions French succession law if there is no will French property inheritance laws New French inheritance laws for non-residents and foreigners French inheritance tax French inheritance tax rates Gifts under French inheritance law French wills Making a will in France Does a French will make a difference? French inheritance advice Inheritance vocabulary in French French inheritance contacts Inheritance law in France French inheritance law derives from the French civil code.

France operates a residence-based system regarding inheritance law, meaning that French inheritance law applies to all French residents regardless of nationality. Contrary to laws in most English-speaking countries — typically allowing assets to be left to anyone you choose and, if there is no will, spouses inherit over children — French inheritance laws protect the direct line of descent, that is, children, grandchildren and parents.

Traditionally the intent was to protect the family, for example, to stop an unscrupulous outsider from coercing an elderly person to disinherit family members, although more than half die without a valid will. EU reforms introduced in mean that if a person has their principle residence in France, then French inheritance law applies to their whole estate, including real estate owned abroad.

Inheritance Tax in France

However, foreign residents are now also given the option to have their estate handled according to the laws of their home country instead of France. French inheritance law restrictions French inheritance law is restrictive and forced heirship applies to children.

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The remainder can be distributed freely according to a French will. Children can renounce their right to a French inheritance, if done in the presence of two notaries. However, this cannot be revoked after the death of the parent.

If there are two children, they receive According to French inheritance laws, a couple needs to be married at the time of death for the spouse to be legally entitled to their share as part of the reserve. If in an unmarried partnership, a civil union or divorced in France , the surviving spouse will have no predetermined legal right to a share of the estate. Beyond the above French inheritance restrictions, a person can leave the remainder of their estate to whomever they wish by writing a French will.

French succession law if there is no will If a person dies without leaving a will, then French rules of intestacy apply. This means that the estate is divided between surviving children and spouse accordingly. In these cases, ownership of the whole estate is divided between the children. In cases where children have died and are survived by grandchildren, French inheritance law allows grandchildren to inherit the same rights.

In cases of civil partnership, cohabitation and divorce, the surviving partner or ex-spouse has no entitlement to the estate of the deceased unless a will stipulates otherwise. French property inheritance laws Once you are an official resident in France, all your assets worldwide can be subject to French inheritance law — except real estate owned elsewhere. Foreign real estate is generally governed by the inheritance laws of that particular country, unless stated otherwise via a will.

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French property law recognizes ownership according to named person on the title deeds; this means you need to register your property after buying a house in France to have it included as part of your estate. Details on registering a property can be found here. If a child aged under 18 inherits property in France, French inheritance law states that no debts must be pending on the property including mortgage reimbursements. New French inheritance laws for non-residents and foreigners If you are an expat living in France with EU citizenship and want the inheritance laws of your country of nationality to apply rather than French inheritance law, you need to express this clearly in a will or separate declaration.

In some cases, this can lead to situations of double taxation where assets are liable to tax in two different countries. France has tax treaties with several countries, including the UK and the US, to avoid double taxation. Meredith J Kane. Editor Christopher Strong. International oil and gas law is a fascinating field, sitting at an intersection of law, politics and business.

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Understand how inheritance tax is calculated in France...

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Understand how inheritance tax is calculated in France...

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