Side Door: How to Open Your Church to Reach More People

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Nor do they have the biblical knowledge. Laity can make the leap from the world of organized faith to searching faith better than clergy. This is the reason I have come to believe that one of the most important issues not being addressed in the church is how to equip and mobilize the laity to infiltrate the unchurched world with the Gospel.

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This is another and much larger issue that always begins with forming a relationship based on friendship not evangelism. Hope this helps.

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The following is a collection of ways to connect with the unchurched public that came through one of our forums. The key to reaching out the unchurched is to connect your story with people for whom you have affinity with because of your story, i. Lost Password? Create Account. I know of no better process than TCN's.

Side Door - How to Open Your Church to Reach More People (Electronic book text)

It's worth the effort. William Utech Concordia Seminary. This works out to be about 4 new guests each week. What is the condition of your front door? Make sure that when a guest shows up that you have clear signage, friendly guest service team members, easy check-in for kids, water if its hot outside and a warm welcome from the front during the service. Of course, its kind of important that the music and message are pretty good too.

What would you need to do as a church to widen the front door enough through outreach and invitation to welcome that many new guests? What would you have to do different to make the front door visible and attractive?

Another way to expand your reach as a church is to work the side door. There are more ways into your church than through the front doors of the church building on the weekend. Understand the needs of your community and meet them. Work with your local elementary principal and shower kindness of the staff by bringing gift baskets filled with school supplies and hand written notes cheering them on. If you do that, you will create raving fans quickly.

Often the people with the most important roles in our community are those who are the least appreciated. Turn that around. Also think first responders, medical staff and others who are in the service industry. Kindness goes along way with these groups.

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Another idea is to provide bridge opportunities that meet the felt needs of your community. Create easy and fun date nights for couples. Offer workshops for managing finances. Show up at your communities events and festivals. Provide recovery ministries for people dealing with hurts and habits. Know who you are trying to reach and find ways to go where they are.

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Watch the Back Door If you want to help more people meet, know and follow Jesus. What causes people to stay at your church Here are the top four typical factors that make people stay at your church. Quality kids and student ministry Meaningful relationships with others Spiritual growth and discovery Ownership of the mission and trust of the leadership How are you doing with these factors?

How old is your church and how did it come to be on this corner of Rockville, Maryland?

Widen the Front Door Though people come to faith in Jesus many different ways, the primary route is the through the front door of a church building in response to an invitation from a friend. Work the Side Door Another way to expand your reach as a church is to work the side door. Brian Lamew. Post Navigation.

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