Quando sarà quel dì (When Will the Day Eer Be)

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The hair of the maid will serve. I would like the maid. I would like her legs. My cart lacks its shafts. The legs of the maid, the legs of the maid. The legs of the maid will serve. I would like a waitress maid What would you do? My cart lacks cushions The tits of the waitress, the tits of the waitress My cart lacks cushions The tits of the waitress will serve.

I would like a waitress What would you do?

Doris Day - Que Sera Sera

A bit weird, but a pretty dance tune. I asked Italian expert Maria at allexperts.

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Some of its words are:. On a bus ride, or a gondola, etc. The girl declines each invitation. Oh what a beautiful flower. The moon and the stars spoke of love. And up and down the Valley of Camonica You can hear it, you can hear it. And up and down the Valley of Camonica You can hear the singing. Perhaps because the valley was the site of a major fascist-Nazi vs. The various verses have different melodies, so this seems to be a favorite for choral singing. You may want to skip to the next song. Osteria numero cento Vieni fuori se sei dentro Non puoi star sino a sera A ubriacarti di barbera.

Osteria numero mille Questo vino fa scintille.

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Fa scintille, scintilline Su bevetelo o bambine. Variations of the refrain: Daghe da ber biondina, daghe da ber bionda Or Daghela ben biondina, daghela ben bionda Or in Venice : Dagli da bere biondina, dagli da bere bionda. Osteria numero due: le mie gambe tra le tue. Osteria numero quattro: la marchesa aveva un gatto. Osteria numero sette: il salame piace a fette in slices. Osteria numero venti: se la figa avesse i denti. Osteria dei dottori: hanno tutti il cazzo fuori.

Osteria numero mille: il mio cazzo fa scintille Fa scintille sulla legna pensa un poco nella fregna.

Osteria numero nove: la Marchesa fa le prove. Fa le prove col prosciutto per veder se entra tutto. Osteria del numer quater: Gun cum me si sul a vater A sun curs come un dana des me sempre libera. Osteria numero sete: tutte le donne a le scarpette Ha scarpette per marciare e la boca per baciare. Osteria numero nove: La Rosina fa le prove Fa le prove col prosciutto per veder se cista tutto. Tavern inn number zero Para-bom zi-bom zi-bom A foul event happened there Para-bom zi-bom zi-bom Even the rotten dead Got crazy drunk. The tavern of the grignolino type of Piemontese wine Here you can drink only wine.

He who does not drink with friends Is a thief or a sneak. Tavern number This wine sparkles. It will make you sparkle, little sparkling ones, When you drink it, girls. Tavern number one: There is no one in the wine cellar. Only priests and monks, Who bugger blissfully blessedly. Variations of the refrain: Give me something to drink, blondie, give me something to drink, blonde Or Serve it up well, blondie, serve it up well, blonde Or in Venice : Give him a drink, blondie, give him a drink, blonde.

Tavern number two: My legs are between yours. Your legs are between mine Doing a thousand filthy things. Tavern number three; Peppina makes coffee She makes Tyrolean coffee With the rags of the ladies. Tavern number four: The marchesa had a cat. She did a little fingering With the tail of the cat. Tavern number five: There are those who lose and those who win. Tavern number seven: We like salami sliced. Tavern number twenty: If pussies had teeth, How many cocks would be in the hospital, How many pussies would be in court!

Tavern number thirty: He who gives his ass does not repent. But, strangely, nowadays, He goes ass backwards.

Alla spina beer week

Tavern number If pussies sailed with the wind How many dicks would be on the high sea, You would see them navigating. Tavern of the doctors: They all have their cocks out. And they give them to their colleagues, So that they are not sawn off. Tavern number eight: The whore makes the risotto The risotto is well seasoned With the sperm of the husband.

Tavern number four: The waitress broke a plate. To hide it, She stuck it in her butt.

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  4. Tavern number nine: The soldiers do a test They do a test against the wall, To see who has the strongest. Tavern of the cemetery: A foul deed happened. The rotting cadavers Were buggering like crazy.

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    The poor cardinals Were beating the altar boys. The altar boys, with fifty bucks, Were looking for a bitch.

    The Tavern of the Vatican: Out comes the Pope with his cock in his hand. Goddammit, I want a little pussy. Tavern number My cock is sparkling. It makes red and yellow sparks That light up my balls. Tavern number is missing: My cock is sparkling. It makes sparks in the pussy, Let alone on wood. Tavern number My cock is sizzling.

    It makes sparks on wood, Thinking a little about pussy. Tavern number five: The marchesa put makeup on. She painted and made a mess of The hairs of her ass. The Inn of the Golden Rooster: It was an asshole who formed the chorus. But the biggest asshole on the list Is the one who is the soloist. And if it buggers the sexton It can hear Vatican Radio.

    Tavern number nine: The Marchesa tried an experiment. She experimented with a prosciutto To see if she could fit it all in. Tavern number zero: A foul deed happened in church. Tavern number one: No one is inside. Just the word that inside Is all beautiful and good. Tavern number two: He and she are inside. To make me a fritata With chocolate coffee. Tavern number three: Peppina makes the coffee. She makes coffee three times a month And?????????????? Tavern number six: Come here, I have mine. They are beautiful, they are good. A banana and chestnuts. Tavern number seven: All the women are in shoes.

    They have shoes for walking And mouths for kissing. Tavern number eight: Forty-eight people are in church.

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    My Aunt Carolina?????????????? Tavern number nine: Rosina tried an experiment. She tested a prosciutto To see if it would all fit in. A humorous drinking song about the various strange things going on in various inns or taverns, many of the events not repeatable although I did so above. We went crabbing in Barnegat Bay, usually using lines rather than traps, since lines are more fun. We crabbed from shore, from rowboats, or from the motorboats expertly captained by the DeMollis and Disoteos. As for cleaning, you can take the crabs home in baskets or buckets lined with some wet seaweed.