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    You should seriously reconsider purchasing this item. Please undertake further checks or due diligence. RED: Fail. At this time of searching, there are "flags" of interest on the GSMA list and others.


    We would advise against purchasing this item. Some of our clients. Some of our partners. MissingX For Business. The remaining 0.

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    Most of the items are given a second life, but at least one item clearly already had one; an engraved headstone was recovered from someone's unclaimed luggage. Eventually, a visitor to the Unclaimed Baggage Center bought it and turned it into a coffee table.

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    From umbrellas to novels, more than , objects are forgotten in London's trains and buses each year. In the Transport for London lost property division , a child-sized stuffed Spider-Man perches atop an exposed air duct, and a tribal mask is propped beside the head of a taxidermy warthog.

    And in one of the division's relatively rare happy endings, an urn of ashes that resided on a shelf for nearly seven years was finally returned to its rightful owner. However, one of the most shocking lost items was surely missed immediately — but oddly, never claimed. A prosthetic leg , with an athletic shoe attached, still awaits its owner.

    Some of the strangest lost-and-found objects are those left by riders in Uber cars.

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    The ride-sharing company has created its Lost and Found Index , a comprehensive list of interesting items riders leave behind when they exit a vehicle. While many of the lost items are mundane phones, sunglasses and keys , others leave us begging for the whole story. One rider left behind a life-size cutout of the Will Ferrell character from the Christmas movie "Elf. Regardless of whether it's a Valium prescription, a hat made out of wood or a bulletproof vest — what's the story there? Dove Nov 13, A pair of women proudly display their "finds" from the Unclaimed Baggage Center, in Scottsboro, Alabama, a huge warehouse for stuff that passengers have lost while flying.

    Wedding dresses hang out at Paris' Bureau of Found Objects.