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Download popular eBooks online. So, when a fellow soldier volunteers for a dangerous mission, Quinn joins him. Their assignment is to investigate the nightly disappearance of the twelve royal princesses, a mystery none have solved as those who attempt it vanish.

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Emerys, the sarcastic and brash King of the Elves, has lost all hope. She collects swords and bought one that was cursed and brought forth Thor, a Viking warrior. They fall in love and travel through time, and the only way to break the curse is if she voluntarily gives him the sword back, which she does to free him, but it send them back to their respective times. Her brother and best friend both tell her she's been sick and it's been a dream or some such thing and at the end Thor does appear in her time as a modern man, having appealed to Odin in Valhalla to give him a second chance at life.

I think it was called Until Forever or something like that. Edited: Aug 20, , pm. Her name is Roseleen, but other than that you are on the mark gracer. It is called Until Forever. I don't usually read contemporaries, but I remember reading one when I was younger that I would like to find again.

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It was written in the 80s and followed the romantic lives of music prodigies who meet at school as teenagers. It followed them into adulthood and was an old school 80s epic. The main character is a virtuoso girl who is considerably younger than the others who has a serious case of unrequited love for the big man on campus. He de-flowers her an expression one never uses outside of a romance novel and then walks out on her.

They wind up getting together years later and she of course has only ever had sex once with him as a teenager because who knows. They also have a male friend who is involved in some weird bi-threesome plot where he refers to some sex act as being as romantic as "changing a light bulb. Thanks so much Gracer and LucyMaude. I hope this is it, it sounds like it is. I'm surprised I don't have it, considering I've collected 25 Johanna Lindsey novels so far.

But I'm 25, and it's been at least 9 years since I read it, and I didn't even actually own any books back then. I am SO going out tomorrow to look for it. Nov 3, , am. Remember Me there are 3 of them. I am still looking for the book in message Nov 4, , pm. Nov 10, , pm.

Kids Story. The Sneetches by conlicesasi.cf Stories and Fairy Tales for Children. Bedtime Stories. (HD)

Here is the description from bn. Synopsis Eyes snapping emerald fire, Isabeau DeBurgh alias the Devil's Flame-sat motionless upon her fine black stallion. The most feared and notorious highwayman of them all was about to strike Publishers Weekly Readers who don't put a premium on originality may find this fast-paced tale of s England amusing, with its masterful hero and spunky heroine.

Isabeau DeBurgh, a beautiful woman with a hot temper and a vocabulary to match, earns a living at what she does best--highway robbery.


But the night she tries to rob Lord Griffin Stone, an aristocratic black sheep just back from America, her luck runs out; he wounds her in a sword fight. Griffin won't turn Isabeau over to the authorities who might hang her nor turn her loose to steal, so he decides to take her home, dress her up and teach her the finer points of etiquette.

Meanwhile Isabeau develops a soft spot in her heart for Griffin, as he does for her.

Fairy Exterminators (Cat Quinn, #1)

And why not? Compared to the rest of the crew, a mere thief looks pretty attractive. Nov 11, , am. Winniekuhl, I think I have solved the mystery of I knew it sounded familiar, I just had a hard time coming up with the name. It is Birdie by Taylor Ryan. It is a Harlequin Historical published in Actually, a copy is being sold on ebay right now if you want to look at it. I probably shouldn't be so confident.

After all I could be wrong. But I hope I'm not. Let me know if I got it.

Jan 16, , am. Thanks megkrahl, I read the desciption and it is not it. Thanks for trying! Hi Winnie, i thought it might be The Rogue and the Hellion by Connie Mason as she is a highwayman, but found out to be a girl, he takes her back to teach her a lesson but she turns out to be a lady! But then i realised it wasn't published until , might have been re-released, but i thought it was worth a mention just incase Hope you find what yr looking for! Jan 3, , am. Her flirtatious sister, Daphne, is engaged to a man who will only inherit if he is married by a certain date.

Daphne elopes, leaving behind a note and her wedding dress. Sophie shows up at the altar, but Alex, the bridegroom, recognizes her for who she is.

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They agree to marry to allow him to inherit and her to save face for her sister. It does sound familiar, but I am at a loss as well. The names of the sisters are different, but the plot sounds very similar. In the Bradley story, the sisters are twins.

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Jan 3, , pm. Could be it. I found a description: Lovely Sophia Forest was a very intellectual young lady for the year in Regency England--quite different from her beautiful and flighty sister, Daphne. All London was agog when Sophia rather than Daphne wed the dashing Earl of Gresham, whose scorn for bookish females was well-known.

The marriage was intended as a business arrangement only--to preserve the Earl's fortune and give Sophia financial independence.

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But what was Sophia to do when she found herself enamoured of her husband, though too proud to admit it? Sophia needed all her wit and womanly wiles in a game of pretense and passion, to make the man she loved, love her. We'll see if it's the right one. Jul 24, , pm. It's original copyright date was Edited: Oct 2, , pm. Edited: Feb 9, , am. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me find the names of two books I read some years ago. I believe they were published around always before August I believe they are from British authors.

They are both romances. One has a yellow cover with little cakes or cupcakes - I don't recall on them. She shares her house with some friends. The book is really funny. The other one has a light blue cover and I don't remember the story that well.

I do know that in the end, the guy gives the girl a unique rose that he himself well, his company I guess created by matching 2 types of roses. In this last one, I just remembered that in the beginning, the girl is trying some clothes in a shop and afraid of a bee runs topless through the shop and bumps into the guy. Well, I know it's not much, but if anyone could help, I'd be very grateful. Thank you very much. Feb 8, , pm.

I love that you guys have this section. New here, so please bear with me.

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I also think she had a girlfriend who runs a local bookshop. I know it isn't much to go on, but every time I think I may be remembering more of the story I start to think I'm combining two stories into one. It's driving me batty. Feb 9, , am. Nyah99 -- yellow cover with possible cupcakes reminds me of He Loves Lucy by Susan Donovan , but I'm not sure that's your book.

This one takes place in Miami? The heroine has a goal to lose weight for publicity with the hero being her trainer. Not one of the Bridgertons I'll dig around a bit and see if I can come up with a title. Thank you so much both of you. Thank you again.