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The waiters kept coming over, one after another, offering various types of steak and other meats, cooked in different ways with a bunch of marinades Afterwards, we were all so full that we went back to the House and lounged together while watching episodes of Friends in the common area. When it was time to leave the House, we all loaded onto a school bus and traveled up to the Old Town neighborhood where the theater is located.

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Once we got there, we filled up a local Chipotle with our party of about 40 people, consumed a record number of burritos, then headed to the theater. I was doubled over the whole time, laughing uncontrollably.

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Second City, Fogo de Chao, and our first Chicago scavenger hunt were just a few of the awesome trips my House organized for us that year, on top of outings to Chinatown and the Lincoln Park Zoo. UChicago Houses give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the people and city around you, while making trips with lots of fun people throughout the year. Even as I transition to living in an apartment next year, I look forward to staying connected with my House through the House associate program and continuing to explore my new home city through trips with them.

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Every October, the security guards host a bonfire and recount, straight-faced, tales of disappearing footprints, disembodied wails and an elevator that operated on its own. The stories themselves are regularly embellished, and some have taken on mythic proportions, but the original tales come from a handful of tragic accidents over the last century.

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One such calamity took place around 4 a. Two of those students died as a result of skull fractures they suffered after jumping from the windows. The fire was national news — it made the front page of this newspaper , along with a photo of a group of college men huddled before the building, its windows illuminated by the uncontrollable blaze.

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The dorm — a beautiful Gothic Revival building with spires — had been the centerpiece of campus. So the school vowed to rebuild quickly, and by the next year Old Kenyon was ready for new inhabitants.

10 Ways To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

According to legend, the ghosts of the dead students prefer to walk along the old floor plan. Allegedly, they silently traverse the hallways, visible only from the waist up. That, or their feet can be seen gliding over student heads. When I lived in Old Kenyon, I never saw any meandering spirits. The room would get very cold, and I would feel the presence of a slow-moving force, gliding toward me, past my dresser. My makeup cases, vitamin bottles and other dresser-top trinkets would clatter to the floor.

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Instead, the items would drop to the carpet, one by one, as if someone were pushing a hand slowly through them. My ghost was back!