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Kundalini, No Dimensions, Heart Meditation or others…. We invite you to join us this week in a co-creative, playful and transforming process with and through your voice. Once the door is open, the path for healing and abundance of ideas, innovations, visions, and dreams unfolds freely. That has tremendous impact and the power to change our personal reality as well as the one of the world. Our voice starts implementing these impulses by making audible what lives inside us. We start in the evening with dinner followed by a session where we introduce and tune into this kind of vocal work. In between there will be time for individual work, activities, spontaneous actions, discussions, recreation and adventure.

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Flights and arrival expenses are not included. We recommend a rental car at your own expense to be mobile. Before registration: You may contact Katharina per email or phone — if you need further details of information. Furthermore you are welcome to our healing concerts in Berlin: These live events are scheduled on And on February 3 and March 17, at pm, you can join our free introductory evenings where you can get acquainted with our approach. We have been exploring the realationship and effects of voice, consciousness technology and energy fields for many years now.

On our way we developed both individual and co-creative modalities, called StimmEnergetics and HealingSound, that combine vocal work, improvisation, creativity, as well as tools of energy work, transformation of consciousness and different forms of meditation. Apart from that, it is very conducive to the use of the voice itself and the expansion of consciousness. Katharina Felice is a professional singer and actress being on stage for many years, with a 30 year teaching expertise in the field of movement, singing, vocal training and language.

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Being highly intuitive she included the vibrational, subtle levels of human experience in working with the voice from the start and has completed various training courses in this field, including: Matrix Energetics and Holofractography Theory. She developed StimmEnergetics as a way to evolve voice and consciousness in conjunction with an awareness for energy fields. In she published her first book. Roswitha Paula Heruth is a naturopath, body and shiatsu therapist with more than 30 years of experience and diverse trainings in energy work, among others Matrix Energetics, Quantum Entrainment and Innerwise.

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In addition to her healing work, she has been active as a singer with a focus on improvisation for many years. The combination of healing process work and voice improvisation has given rise to her approach HealingSound. In dieser Woche laden wir Dich ein, mit uns in einen ko-kreativen, spielerischen und transformierenden Prozess mit Deiner Stimme einzusteigen.

Am Sonntag, den 3. Du kannst unsere Heilkonzerte in Berlin auch live erleben:. Termine Seit vielen Jahren bezieht sie die energetischen, subtilen Ebenen der menschlichen Erfahrung in die Arbeit mit der Stimme ein und hat diverse Fortbildungen in diesem Bereich abgeschlossen u. Matrix Energetics und Holofraktographik Theory.

Anmeldung unter: www. Si es necesario es possible traducir al espagnol. This will be his second time ever in Europe and he will be sharing two healing ceremonies with us. With him he brings the knowledge and wisdom of the Siona tradition which he has studied for over 20 years. The intentions for the ceremonies with Taita Luis are for deep healing, for awakening and to connect with Mother Nature and the spirits.

Taita Luis is a powerful Healer, who has spent the last 13 years of his Life training under the Guidance of Taita Laureano, the Grandfather and at the moment with the Age of years the oldest Shaman in the Putomayo-Region of southern Colombia. He is a regular member of the main-healing-circle around Taita Laureano. Taita Luis carries the extraordinary gift of the healing songs Icaros , passed on to him by Grandfather Laureano.

He holds all the intimate confidence of the Grandfather, who actually asks him for personal healing for himself and for the Grandmother. As a native traditional Doctor of Ethno medicine, he is entitled to work with the indigenous ancestral Yahe-Medicine of the Siona-Tribe, a powerful lineage of healers and Shamans. He is witty, has a sharp mind and likes to share his wisdom and medicine in this form of sacred ceremonies.

Each ceremony is a unique opportunity to heal the body, emotions, mind and soul with a real Shaman from the Amazonian Region of Colombia that has the eldest Grandfather behind him as support. This is a deep immersion into liberation of our innate erotic wisdom. We will be working a lot on sexual healing, releasing shame and guilt from our sexuality, activating the direct portal to divine alignment — the Yoni. We will also be practicing erotic dance as a healing and expanding tool to release shame and come out of hiding. In doing so we bless this world with the beauty of our innocent erotism.

Your unleashed sexuality is the gateway to your highest potential, you can be loved and honoured for who you are, you can live exactly the life you desire, you can be filled with joy and ecstasy and your radiance is exactly the medicine that the world needs right now, and all of it is deeply spiritual. Even though I never thought I needed any sexual healing, I have done a ton of it and opened up to the orgasmic pleasure which I never thought was possible.

I am convinced that unlocking my sexual potential was THE experience that I needed to start living fully and manifesting the life of my dreams. Besides that, and what is in fact most important, once our sexual energy flows freely the potential of our body as portal to our own spirit is clear.

Because we discover the very source of all within. Sofia Sundari is an international tantra teacher. She creates a space in which our darkness is no longer shameful, but it actually nourishes our light, where spirituality and sexuality are one. With five years in Asia studying the secrets of Tantra and Taoism, and over a decade of training, she has dedicated her life to serving love.

This workshop challenges old patterns of negative self-belief and the damaging self-judgments that sabotage you from having a healthy relationship with yourself.

During these days each individual has an opportunity to examine the obstacles that prevent them from self-love, enabling them to break the vicious cycle of their negative core beliefs and patterns. Rupda, has a long history of producing a broad range of events and gatherings worldwide since I come from Ibiza to share TWO separate or complementary sound sessions. Both elements make up the axis of life. Water is the vital element, a perfect sound transmitter and a powerful mind and intention receiver.

Through the sound we will connect our intention to balance our body and we will recharge together the water and drink it after. A journey of a deeply relaxing and resonant high-energy field: hang drum, quartz crystal singing bowls, crystal singing pyramids, shamanic and ocean drum, voice. The meditation state is easy to achieve when waves of harmonic sound surrounds you.

We will be in a breathing space, sound and aromas…. It release tensions and unblock knots, opening the inner vision and purposes. Fire is the element of alchemy and transformation, action and movement. On our balance in the inner fire will depend our ability to set limits and to focus our personal power. The session starts with the ritual of fire and simple body movements to generate heat.

Afterwards we keep on breathing, with a strong Aromatherapy and Sound instruments with great vibrational qualities: Hang, shamanic drum, voice, quartz pyramids and bowls.

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Tremendous amounts of energy are gathered around the Agnihotra copper pyramid just at Agnihotra time. A magnetic-type field is created, which neutralizes negative energies and reinforces positive ones dissolving mental and emotional blockages and cleaning the atmosphere. En este fin de semana, vengo desde Ibiza a ofrecer dos sesiones de sonido por separado o complementarias. Ambos elementos componen el eje de la vida. El agua es el elemento vital, donde nace la vida que conocemos y el que compone gran parte de nuestro cuerpo.

In fact, when moving towards being in the now, free of judgement and identity, some of the stabilizing functions of our imagined world control instantly vanish:. In this workshop we will work with three basic ego functions that keep us from awakening and instead continuously lead us towards suffering, drama and illusion. We create this through our personal identity, projections and the illusion of time. We discover how we, based on alleged experiences made in the past, create our ideas of the future — Our hopes as well as our fears.

The main focus will lie on deconstructing this fear of losing control over our lives and taking a closer look at the tricks with which our ego tries to keep us from losing the fear. The cure for our fear is consciousness and understanding. Understanding does not necessarily mean enlightenment, but it will lessen the fear of it. Understanding does not stand for grasping with the mind but rather for a deep, inner recognition of the illusions with which we sustain our alleged control over our world. For this it makes sense to peel away the defense mechanisms of the ego layer by layer — until nothing remains.

Die Angst, die der denkende Verstand, vor dem Erwachen erzeugt, ist die Furcht vor einem Kontrollverlust. Das Heilmittel gegen unsere Angst ist Bewusstheit und Verstehen. Verstehen bedeutet noch lange nicht, dass wir Erwachen, aber es reduziert die Angst davor. Rainer Grunert studied psychology and business administration. He has additional training in psychoanalysis, De-Hypnosis and transpersonal psychology. His life was enriched by personal encounters with different spiritual teachers.

After only 6 month of living as a manager, he looks back on 12 years of working with psychotherapy and as a coach in his private practice in Zurich. While undergoing a life crisis he gained a deep understanding for the mechanisms of identity, projections and how we create our own suffering.

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Together with his wife Anja Grunert they offers relationship counseling in Zurich. They share the idea that the main challenge in a relationship is to support the other in the process of awakening. Rainer Grunert studierte Psychologie und Betriebswirtschaft. Finden Sie, dass es wichtig ist, Humor zu besitzen und sich selber nicht immer zu wichtig zu nehmen?

Ja, denn ich finde ernste Menschen ehrlich gesagt ziemlich langweilig. Die Buchvorlage hatte weltweit Erfolg. Beim ersten Teil war der Druck, eine von so vielen Menschen geliebte Geschichte auf die Leinwand zu bringen, immens. Jamie und ich kannten uns nun schon und sind sehr vertraut miteinander umgegangen — das hat vieles erleichtert. Auf jeden Fall.

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Jamie hat Tiefe und Stille in sich, ist aber zugleich auch clever und. Wir haben sechs Monate gedreht, und die meisten Szenen im Film finden zwischen Christian und Ana statt. Das ist eine Menge Zeit, die man miteinander verbringt.