Das Licht hinter den Wolken: Lied des Zwei-Ringe-Lands (Hobbit-Presse) (German Edition)

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Did it show something that meant a lot to them for whatever reason? Are they in a mood to go into a passionate discussion? Might this stupid comic book movie just be the one thing they enjoyed in this whole week? And if they did not watch it yet, would you ruin it for them by spoiling the ending?

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Or would they love to know? Or can we talk about some spoilery stuff for a bit? And then I try to put my own opinion in vague and not very passionate words when I talk to people, not when I need to express myself in a short tweet or something. And then after the other person has stated their opinion you can go on.

If they agree on the general impression, you can go into detail from there.


There is also really no need to get in a fight over something you totally disagree on. Discussions are great, but not everyone is up for them at any time. There also might be topics that hit too close to home to discuss them I linked it already a while back, but there is a great article about this by Abigail Dillon. But if two persons on Twitter are very happily discussing how much they LOVED XY, why on earth would you jump into their mentions with some one-sentenced hot take to tell them how wrong they are?

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And if there is an discussion about how offended someone is by something a movie did, why would you jump in there to tell them that you loved it and they are overreacting? Both are bullshit moves.

There is nothing wrong with starting your own tweet thread oder writing your own article and pointing out you have a different opinion. The TTRPG table top role playing game community has made a lot of progress in the last years and the use of safety tools is one big step to make people more comfortable at the table.

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One of the most important ground rules is: The players are more important than the game. For me, this can totally be adapted to discussing media. Tl, dr: You can spoil, rant, hate, love, discuss everything as much as you want. Just make sure that you are not hurting someone, find the right space and time, find people who are willing to get into this as much as you do. Oh, and some last thoughts on handling this whole thing on Social Media: Of course you cannot go and get consent from your or whatever followers before putting your opinion out there.

But baby, that is what hashtags are for. Do you need to reply to all those people or do you need to un-tag some? If you are retweeting stuff, can you do it with a comment using the hashtags and a spoiler warning? Is this funny image from the film set a potential spoiler for those who have not seen the movie? Many platforms offer good ways to hide spoilers — use them.

If your platform does not: Use something like ROT13 to mask your spoiler posts. Create private chats for discussing if you really wanna get into the spoilery details in length. Not because you have to, not because the Twitter Police will shut you down, but because tagging a pots takes a few seconds and it is a nice thing to do. Ein Kommentar. Eingeordnet unter Fangirl , Graaaah! Du kommentierst mit Deinem WordPress. Du kommentierst mit Deinem Google-Konto.

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