Caregiver For An Aging Parent ~ My Journey, My Experiences, My Guilt. The process yet continues...

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Many caregivers wish their responsibilities came with a concise, comprehensive guide. Best-selling author and nurse Tina Marrelli covers almost every conceivable topic on caring for an elderly family member or friend.

From patient advocacy to end-of-life care, the book breaks down the sometimes impossibly difficult task of caring for another human being into manageable pieces. Her conversational approach makes challenging concepts more understandable for the average caregiver.

Caregiver Guilt and Finding Balance

The author draws from his own personal experience to present descriptions of the journey of caring for another person, accompanied by beautiful illustrations by Peg Lee. The combination makes for an inspirational tribute to the often thankless work caregivers do each day. Check out our favorite picks from Caregiving can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your lifetime, but it can also be physically, emotionally and mentally draining. To help you give the best care possible to your parent or other loved one, read one or all of these informational and inspirational best books of While the responsibilities of caregiving are far from easy, author Jennifer FitzPatrick aims to help readers be the best caregivers possible without sacrificing their own health, relationships or career.

Clinical psychologists and married couple Barry J. Jacobs and Julia L. Mayer teamed up to write this book packed with affirmations and meditations specifically for caregivers, as well as hands-on advice about how to cope with the various challenges of caring for a loved one. The pair offers caregiving anecdotes and practical advice drawn from their own personal and professional experiences.

Some of the topics addressed in the book include handling caregiving-related sibling conflicts or marital problems and balancing caregiving and career. Author Iris Waichler combines expertise culled from her year career as a clinical social worker and patient advocate along with her personal experience caring for her aging father to present advice on a range of caregiving issues in this book.

What Caregivers Sacrifice to Fulfill Their Role

The author gives resources and practical advice on elder care topics including different senior care options, estate planning and coping with common caregiving emotions like grief and anger. She did so because her grandmother's primary carer, the Indian migrant's maternal aunt, had to escort her Filipina maid of over ten years back to the Philippines, after the maid had suffered an aneurism and had recovered enough to express her desire to return home.

Building on Yeates' work, I argue for the recognition of temporality in transnational caregiving and conclude with a call for further research and theorising on caregiving that takes account of the transformations and transactions that occur within families in a global context. I thank especially the real Kriti, Marites, and Sarah Brijnath for allowing me to write this article.

Grief and Loss

See Steven Vertovec Vertovec, Steven. Conceiving and researching transnationalism. Ethnic and Racial Studies , 22 2 : — Skip to Main Content. Search in: This Journal Anywhere. Advanced search. Submit an article Journal homepage. Pages Your early journals may be very one-sided. Once you start to even things out, you may realize that you can be a better caregiver when there are some things you can list on your side.

Learn from this, being a good caregiver is not always equal to the amount of care provided. If you are constantly frazzled and stressed, the care you provide may reflect your and anxiety and weariness.

Taking Care of Elderly Parents | Psychology Today

This may not be the kind of caregiver you set out to be. If you simply cannot balance the two sides to your journal, it is definitely time to call in help. Respite care can be what you need it to be, whether through a professional organization or through family and friends.

Professionals within this program can go over your caregiving experience with you and find sources of support you may not have known existed. Sometimes our loved ones have care needs that are so extensive the demand on the caregiver is extreme. Caregivers need to recognize that if the balance sheet does not match up over time, the risk is far greater to both of you.

Acting preventively to keep from burning out is a necessity.

Caregivers who burn out are sometimes too physically and or mentally exhausted to provide any care. It is hard to call in professionals when all your mother wants is you. If this is your circumstance, putting things into perspective becomes necessary. Were you allowed to go to school?

Essentially, your care was placed into the hands of others. At times you may not have been happy about this but for the most part you were probably safe and had your needs met. Did you ever visit with friends or extended family?

Living Right with Dr. Ray - Aging Parents

These times were important in shaping your life. The same analogies can be applied to care for those in need. If it is always provided by one person, and in one way, it can rob both individuals from opportunities needed to sustain personal growth. Start your balance sheet today. The search for balance is hard but needs to continue.