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I sensed a scream passing through nature; it seemed to me that I heard the scream. I painted this picture, painted the clouds as actual blood. The color shrieked.

It, too, was eventually recovered despite fears it had been destroyed. A leading Post-Impressionist and frenemy of Vincent van Gogh, Gauguin abandoned his wife and children for a hedonistic life in the South Seas. After the war, the portrait turned up in the state-run Galerie Belvedere. Both patron and muse, Bloch-Bauer is the only sitter Klimt painted twice. In , year-old Marcel Ravidat opened a window to the distant past when he fell into a hole while out walking with his dog in the Dordogne region of France.

I Show The Sadness Behind The World’s Most Famous Faces With These Surrealistic Oil Paintings

The hole led to a cave covered with approximately 6, Paleolithic images depicting animals, enigmatic symbols, and a lone human form. The purpose of the paintings, created with mineral pigments and charcoal, is obscure but may be linked to some sort of ceremonial rite. Commissioned by a member of the powerful Medici clan, it has been suggested that figures in the composition were modeled on members of the family. Sargent had hoped the portrait would make his career.

The painting, however, set off a scandal of such magnitude that Sargent exiled himself to England. What was it that had so offended Parisian high society?

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The youthful Neo-expressionist lived hard and died at the tender age of 27 from a heroin overdose. The staggering selling price spurred the owner of another Basquiat painting to have the work authenticated. An ultraviolet light examination revealed that the painting included elements drawn by Basquiat in invisible ink. The painting disappeared soon after, only to reemerge in the early s when it was supposedly discovered in a chimney by a laborer working at a construction site. Considered highly unfashionable at the time, the painting failed to make reserve when it came to auction.

Born to wealth and privilege, Toulouse-Lautrec abandoned his aristocratic roots in favor of the working-class Montmartre district and its colorful nightlife. The artist appears to have been afflicted with a genetic disorder affecting growth and bone development; he walked with a cane and reached an adult height of just 4-foot Taunted for his physical appearance, he self-medicated with alcohol, notably absinthe.

The blurry, black-and-white object that bisects the bottom of the composition is, in fact, a human skull, representing mortality. Striking use of anamorphosis, it can only be viewed from an acute angle, forcing observers to view the painting from a variety of perspectives. Attributed to the elusive artist Banksy, several other examples popped up around London in subsequent years.


Moments after the incident, Banksy posted an Instagram video depicting telephone staff staring in shock at the mutilated work. Raped at the 18, Gentileschi angrily confronted her rapist in a public trial which ultimately set him free. Four members of the Academy resigned in protest and the painting was vandalized repeatedly. What could be so objectionable about a painting of fireworks over a picturesque London park?

Quite a lot, evidently. Whistler retaliated by taking Ruskin to court, suing him for libel. Whistler emerged triumphant, but the ordeal broke both men, bankrupting Whistler and causing Ruskin to resign his Oxford professorship. It is believed to be in the possession of a Saudi prince possibly Mohammad bin Salman , either locked away in a Swiss bank vault or displayed on a luxury yacht somewhere on the high seas. Mexican artist Frida Kahlo has developed an almost cult-like following in recent years, but took a back seat to husband and fellow-artist Diego Rivera during her lifetime.

Bavo's Cathedral in Ghent , Belgium. In , one of the smaller panels was stolen and never recovered. Several years later, Hitler developed an interest in the painting and had it transported to Germany, where it was rescued from a salt mine by the military unit composed of art historians known as The Monuments Men. Shortly after the painting was finished, Pareja was freed and went on to work as a painter in Madrid.

Dressed in a red silk romper with white cuffs and collar, the elaborately dressed child poses with a menagerie of family pets, including a magpie. The image immortalized the little boy who passed away just a few years after it was painted. A riot of flat, geometric planes, Picasso drew inspiration both from African art and that of ancient Iberia. Surrealist Salvador Dali subverts reality with this mesmerizing image of deflated timepieces scattered over a desert landscape. The composition defies logic, evoking a dream-like state.

Noted for their large, expressive eyes, these panels were painted with encaustics hot wax tinted with pigments. Roman Egypt was a cultural melting pot, and the Fayum portraits reflect the cultural crossroads in which they were created. The encaustic process used by the Romans was developed by the ancient Greeks, and the resulting portraits were placed over the faces of the mummified dead—a distinctively Egyptian tradition.

It took Seurat two years to finish his best-known work, pieced together from dozens of sketches the artist made of working-class Parisians. The title chosen by Magritte is perhaps more illuminating, referencing Jesus Christ. Some critics have called the piece a surrealist interpretation of the transfiguration of Jesus. Goya painted two versions of The Maja—one naked, the other fully clothed. The painting is believed to have been commissioned by Spanish Prime Minister Manuel de Godoy and was intended to supplement his existing collection of nudes.

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In , the Inquisition confiscated the painting. Bathed in an otherworldly light, the painting focuses on the spectral images of the spectators, as opposed to the players. A member of the early 20th-century Ashcan School , American artist Bellows was instrumental in the organization of the profoundly influential Armory show in New York. The celebrated Expressionist was so dejected when Mahler ended their passionate affair, he commissioned a life-size doll in her image. Dominating the composition is the central figure of a woman holding the tricolor—considered to be the earliest known depiction of Marianne , the female personification of the Republic of France.

Khalil-Bey was an avid collector of Western paintings—notably those showcasing the female form—purchasing works by realists Delacroix and Ingres in addition to Courbet. Leutze had spent time in the U.

The faces behind Hollywood’s most famous voices

Believed to be a portrait of Jonathan Buttall , whose father was a friend of Gainsborough, Buttall owned the painting until bankruptcy forced him to sell it. The paintings were an immediate hit, and owner Irving Blum sold five of them before coming to the shrewd realization that the canvases would be of even greater value as a complete set. Blum tracked down the paintings that had sold including one belonging to actor Dennis Hopper , and reunited them.

Arnolfini Portrait. American Gothic.

Death of Marat. Frescoes, Villa of the Mysteries. Girl With A Pearl Earring.

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  • The Gross Clinic. Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee. They outsource those tasks and many others to a personal assistant. Assistants often live and travel with their famous boss, making it one of the best jobs for those who want an up-close-and-personal look at celebrity life. Mahin recounted being asked to do homework for the children of her celebrity employer. Most people get hired through word of mouth, Mahin said. Some specialty employment agencies will place personal assistants, but if a celebrity is looking to hire someone in that way, it could be because they have a bad reputation, Mahin explained.

    More than one celebrity has moved from making movies to making deals. Alba is actively involved in her company, Forbes reported. In other cases, a celebrity may be the public face of the company but not very involved in the day-to-day operations. The good news is that getting these jobs may depend less on who you know and more on your concrete skills. Not too long ago, stars often showed up at events in outfits they picked out themselves, but in recent years, stylists have become an essential cog in the celebrity-making machine.

    These fashion pros create the red carpet looks that make waves at movie premieres and the Oscars. Working as a stylist is a dream job for fashion mavens, who may even become famous in their own right. Rachel Zoe parlayed a career as a stylist into a reality TV show and her own fashion line.